Grand Charity Match Rothesay 1879

Rangers v Queens Park. What follows are details of a match between Rangers and Queens Park played for the poor of Rothesay. JS Stewart who is mentioned became Honorary President of the Club. It’s another incredible insight into the early years of our Club.

There are four articles. A match report, an account from the dinner held in Rothesay after the match, another from a dinner held in Glasgow where medals were presented and a short piece on the medals awarded to the players.

We hope that you enjoy.

Match Report

The Dinner

Dinner in Glasgow


The Rangers ‘Annual Hop’ 1884.

The Rangers ‘Annual Hop’ 1884.

After a lot of searching we’ve managed to obtain this report of the Club’s 12th ‘Annual Hop’ from December 1884. Interestingly it talks about the Club’s first ever Hop in 1873.

We’re absolutely thrilled with this and delighted to share it with you.



The Scottish Umpire - December 1884