Tom Vallance and the Viceroy Bar Paisley Road West.

It has always been a subject of great debate as to the exact location of Tom Vallance’s Restaurant The Club which Tom had in 1890.

We initially thought that 22 Paisley Road West and what is now known as La Fiorentina was The Club, then perhaps it was just a few yards along the other way where the aquatic shop is located.

Just recently we managed to get his hands on a layout map of the Park Buildings which housed Tom’s Restaurant ‘The Club ‘. It showed The Club as being exactly where today’s Viceroy Bar is but we knew that Tom’s Club was an L shape establishment.

Side entrance to the Viceroy that was originally the main way in.

So off we set to see if we could finally nail the location.

We went into The Viceroy Bar and wandered around but could only see the Bar area with no dog-leg into what would have been the dining room.

Our luck was in though as the woman sitting at the bar eyeing us suspiciously was the owner.

We explained what we were doing but couldn’t envisage where the Dining Room would have been. To our amazement she opened up a lounge area which fitted in perfectly with the map of the building and Tom’s Club Restauarant.

The Dining Room

Two windows in the dining room which are shown on the plans, are now bricked up at the rear and the original side entrance on the lane is still there.

The rear of the Viceroy showing the location of the dining room.

The owner is absolutely delighted , so much that we dropped literature on Tom Vallance and The Club off to the pub on sunday after the Tour.

Keep an eye on the site for further developments with Tom Vallance and the Viceroy Bar.