Tom Vallance Tribute – Sunday 29th July at 1pm. The Viceroy Bar 22 Paisley Road West.

Over the last few years as we’ve researched the lives of the boys who formed The Rangers,one name has continually jumped out at us from books and newspaper reports.

Tom Vallance.

Tom was present on Fleshers Haugh and lived to see his Club grow into a world-wide sporting institution.

On Sunday 29th July we’ll pay tribute to his magnificent contribution to Rangers Football Club at the Viceroy Bar, 22 Paisley Road West which was Tom’s Club Bar and Restaurant in 1890.

A magnificent painting of Tom by artist Helen Runciman will be unveiled and a buffet will be served.

Rangers Football Club will be represented at the event.

Tickets for the tribute are £10, they are limited so we’re offering them at two per person. Tickets can be purchased from ourselves at :