The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project. James ”Tuck” McIntyre.

James ”Tuck’’ McIntyre.



James McIntyre, second from the left with the proud Rangers committee in 1894.

Work is now complete on the final resting place of Ranger James ”Tuck’’ McIntyre.

Tuck's grave before work

Tuck’s grave before work

Grave after restoration

A few weeks back while researching at Craigton Cemetery Gordon and I noticed that flowers were being left regularly on the plot of former Rangers player James McIntyre.

In an attempt to make contact with what we hoped would be a family member we left on the gravestone a note in a waterproof bag with our contact details and briefly explaining the background to the Restoration project.

It was a wonderful moment the following week when we received a phone call from the Grand-daughter of James McIntyre .

We arranged to meet with her and asked for her permission to commence with the restoration work on her Grand-father’s plot.

During subsequent discussions with her she gave us some wonderful little gems about James which we’re delighted to share with our fellow supporters.

Back in the 1890’s James McIntyre was the previous owner of what is now The Angel Bar at Paisley Road Toll which he sadly lost due to ‘’cash flow problems’’. ”Well if he wasn’t so keen on giving the Rangers supporters so much whiskey on tick then it could’ve stayed in the family hands ” said Vivien.

In his later years James lived at 13 Walmer Terrace which today is 407 Paisley Road, a stone’s throw from Ibrox Stadium .

Due to his contribution to the Club over many years a supporter offered to buy James and his family a house in Largs which James turned down as it would take him too far away from the Rangers.

Vivien said ”He would often sit at the window of the flat on Paisley Road and the supporters on their way to Ibrox would shout and wave up to him which brought him great comfort’’.

She also informed us that the name ”Tuck’’ came about because of his portly figure.

It will be an honour for us to welcome the family of James McIntyre on to the Founders Trail on Sunday 10th July.

James ”Tuck ”McIntyre.

James played for Alexandria Athletic for three years before joining Rangers in 1880.

He played for Rangers for 12 years and was Club captain for a spell.

He represented Glasgow against Sheffield, London, Lancashire, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

He was capped for Scotland against Wales in 1884.

He was Convenor of the ground and was also on team selection committee’s.

James ”Tuck’’ McIntyre was awarded life membership of the Rangers.

He passed on 17th March 1943.

James played a huge role in the early years of our Club and won’t ever be forgotten.

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Founders Trail Autumn 2016 dates.


We’re delighted to launch our next batch of Founders Trail and Ibrox Stadium Tour dates for  the remainder of 2016.

Since 2009 we’ve taken over 6,000 people around Glasgow on the Trail of our Founders and through the doors of Ibrox Stadium , many for the first time.

Through the education process of the Founders Trail our objective is to safeguard our unique and wonderful history  for future generations .

So let us Follow Follow in the Footsteps of our Founders.

The Founders Trail and Ibrox Stadium Tour dates are as follows:

Sunday 7th August 2016

Sunday 21st August 2016

Sunday 4th September 2016

Sunday 18th September 2016

Sunday 30th October 2016

Sunday 20th November 2016

***Tour dates are subject to change due to football fixtures***

Join us on a journey of discovery back to 1872 when The Rangers were just the dream of a group of young kids who gathered on Fleshers Haugh. They had no ball, no football kit and used a bush on the Glasgow Green as a changing room.

Their Club, which they nurtured, was to become the world’s most successful and it all happened on the streets of Glasgow.

Our day begins at the Founders Trail welcome desk which is located within Bar 72 East at Ibrox Stadium from 11.15am on the day of the Tour prior to our 12pm departure from outside of the Ibrox Megastore

Our journey takes us to the area of Fleshers Haugh where The Rangers played their first ever match, we also visit Glassford Street, Union Street, Berkeley Street, Burnbank, Kinning Park, Craigton Cemetery and many other places of interest before finishing off our day with a tour of our magnificent Ibrox Stadium.

During our journey we have a 30 minute break at the Partick Bowling Club which is in the shadow of the historic West of Scotland Cricket Ground which was the scene of the Rangers first ever Scottish Cup Final in 1877. It gives everyone a chance to unwind, grab a beer or soft drink and a bite to eat at a beautiful and historical setting.

Adults : £22
Children (under 16) and Senior Citizens £16.

Group discounts are available upon request.

To reserve your seat just send an email to :

For further information phone : 0790 2855536

An insight into our research can be found here on our website.

Access to Bar 72 is via the main entrance to Argyle House .

This will give us an opportunity to greet you and check you from our loading chart.

Parking is available throughout the day around Ibrox Stadium.

If you have any questions before the tour please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

The Sam Ricketts Plot at Craigton Cemetery.


The Sam Ricketts Plot at Craigton Cemetery.

A huge thanks to all who joined us at Craigton Cemetery yesterday.

We cleared the area and turned two gravestones unfortunately neither of which were Sam’s.


We have permission from GCC to put in foundations and erect a new stone , this work will commence over the coming weeks.

After the work on Sam’s plot was complete we took the group on a tour of the cemetery to give an insight into what the project has achieved , what we’re currently working on and what lies in front of us.

Regular updates will be posted.