The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project. Sandy Marshall.



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The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project. Sandy Marshall.
It was a couple of years ago that we found lying on the grass at Craigton Cemetery,the gravestone of Rangers player from the 1870’s Sandy Marshall.
His stone was recently put back in place and will be subject to a full restoration over the coming weeks.
Sandy Marshall is once again standing proud.
Alexander Marshall 1857-1883.
Alexander Marshall was born in 1857 to night watchman Patrick Marshall and Catherine Marshall.
He was a founder member of the Clydesdale Harriers and played for Rangers from 1876 until 1880. During his time at the Club he played on a number of occasions and is credited with scoring 10 goals.
He was also a member of the legendary 1877 Scottish Cup Final team.
Sandy was a compositor by trade and died aged only 26 on 17th August 1883 at 123 Hospital Street Gorbals Glasgow.

Helping The Founders Trail To Support Rangers.

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Since the first Founders Trail seven years ago we have gradually built a close relationship with Rangers Football Club. Working with the Club has been a huge part of our success. The current Board of Directors recognise the importance of celebrating the history of our great Club and they are keen to help promote the incredible story of the four boys who formed Rangers and the others who nurtured it. We are thankful for their support.
In turn, we want to continue to celebrate our history and to promote the Club in any way we can.
The Founders Trail is completely self funding. The bus hire, the literature you receive when you take the tour and the continued research is only possible because of the incredible backing we have received from you, the Rangers Support. The demand for the tours is continuing to grow and we thank you for letting us share the history of Rangers with you.
When you purchase a seat on the Founders Trail bus, you not only give us the opportunity to tell the Rangers story, you also help to put funds back into the Club. Your money goes towards the purchase of:
Match day tickets (used as raffle prizes)
Argyle House Restaurant vouchers (used as raffle prizes)
Ibrox Stadium Tours
Rangers Lottery
Youth Members Club
Auchenhowie Brick
Donations to the Rangers Youth Development Company
The Founders Trail and Ibrox Stadium Tour is very proud to run in association with Rangers Football Club and Rangers Youth Development Company.
We include adverts for the Rangers Youth Development Company in our tour literature to help highlight the ways the fans can contribute to the success of our youth teams.
The close working relationship we have with the Club has also allowed us to begin using the Parks of Hamilton coaches for the tours.
Argyle House Restaurant kindly let us offer our passengers a 10% discount on any meal.
And the media team at Rangers are very keen to help spread the word of our Founders. They have highlighted our upcoming tour dates and published blogs from the Founders Trail team on the official club website, as well as on other social media platforms.
We hope this productive relationship continues to grow in the years to come.
If you would like to join us on the Founders Trail & Ibrox Stadium Tour, we currently have seats available on the following dates:
Sunday 4th September
Sunday 18th September
Sunday 30th October
Sunday 20th November
To book your seat just send an email to or call 07902 2855536.
Adults – £22
Senior Citizens & children under 16 – £16

Bid for a signed jersey to aid The Rangers Graves Restoration Project.


Bid for a signed jersey to aid The Rangers Graves Restoration Project.
We at the Rangers Graves Restoration Project would like to invite bids for this Barcelona 1972 jersey signed by captain John Greig.
This wonderful and much sought after item was recently donated to the Restoration Project.
To bid for the jersey please send an email to
The bidding process will close at 5pm on Monday 25th July and the winning bid announced.
Every penny raised will go to restore the final resting places of those Rangers men who helped form and build our unique Club.