The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project Update 23/9/16.


The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project Update 23/9/16.

We’re delighted today to provide a further update on the project work being carried out at Craigton Cemetery Glasgow to restore the final resting places of those men who built our Club.


James Wilson.

Late last year our research, gleamed from the records at the Mitchell Library, confirmed that a James Wilson who was trainer at Rangers from 1897 , and a respected individual who also worked tirelessly with the building process of our great Club, had died suddenly due to a bout of double pneumonia in 1914 at 21 Princes Street in Govan aged 52 and was buried at Craigton Cemetery.

Mr Struth who was trainer at Clyde at this time was offered Mr Wilson’s job at Rangers but refused to take another man’s place at our Club.

That changed upon the sudden passing of Mr Wilson.

The Club had actually organised a benefit match for Mr Wilson against Everton at Ibrox only a week before he passed.

We recently discovered Mr Wilson’s stone at Craigton and were incredibly fortunate that although sadly it was off it’s base it was lying on the grass inscription side up.jw

A real chill went through us as we cleared the earth and moss from James Wilson’s stone and the words ‘’Late Trainer Rangers FC ’’ emerged.

Craigton Cemetery had given up another gem.

Just recently Mr Wilson’s stone was re-erected and cleaned

14446208_1098653240218712_5728454395378421396_nYesterday afternoon the final touch was added when the re-lettering was complete.

Mr James Wilson is once again standing tall.14445989_1098653156885387_1088235685438053746_n

We’d like to thank ……

14379864_1093687334048636_1598700838961581998_o We’d like to thank everyone who attended yesterday’s service and to the worldwide Rangers support who through their donations made the dedication to Mr Struth, and the continuation of the Rangers Graves Restoration Project, possible.

The service was conducted by Rangers Chaplin Stuart McQuarrie and Ross County Chaplain Iain McCaskill.

Johnny Hubbard who of course was signed as a player by Mr.Struth laid the wreath.

Stewart Robertson and Graham Park represented the Club. 14358835_1093687520715284_5022537622722641479_n

As i highlighted yesterday, we have a wonderful thread running through our Club from Fleshers Haugh to the current day.

Caught in this photograph at Mr Struth’s graveside yesterday is the Great Grandson of Harry McNeil who played in that first ever match v Callander in 1872.

The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project George Goudie and George Gillespie.


The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project George Goudie and George Gillespie.

The plots of both George Goudie and George Gillespie are at Lambhill Cemetery Glasgow.

Thanks to your donations both men’s final resting places will undergo restoration work over the next few weeks and updates will be posted.

14265024_1278300318860788_4575446257951532343_n George Goudie . The Man Who Saved The Rangers.

President 1882 – 1883
Vice President 1883 – 1885

Club records would suggest that in terms of length of service to Rangers Football Club, George Goudie would not readily be thought of as one of the great figures in our history. It was for one act, though, we are forever, literally, in his debt……
George Gillespie.

George was a member of the legendary 1877 Scottish Cup Final team and gave great service to the Rangers. gillespie

He started his career as an outfield player but is remembered more for his goalkeeping skills. He appeared for Scotland 7 times during his playing career, never on the losing side

He was a very successful business man in the license trade and owned what is now the Neighbourhood Room and Kitchen Bar in the Finnieston Area of Glasgow.

George lived at Radnor Street facing Kelvingrove Park and sadly passed away there in 1900.…

These men gave us everything that we still enjoy today and this is us giving them back a little bit of dignity and respect.


14292367_1278300252194128_1459601606124432863_n If you can, please donate using the link below.
Every penny counts.

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88 Years Ago Today. The Rowerdennan Reunion.

The Evening Times 10th November 1928

The Evening Times 10th November 1928



88 Years Ago Today. The Rowerdennan Reunion.

On the 1st September 1928 our own Tom Vallance and member of the Vale of Leven team whom he’d faced back in 1877 met for one of their regular reunions at the Rowerdennan Hotel.

Incredibly this event was caught on camera which my colleague Gordon managed to locate three years ago.

The series of games that was the 1877 Scottish Cup Final not only created a fierce rivalry between Rangers and Vale of Leven it also cemented great friendships that would last for over 50 years.

As late as the 1930’s the surviving team members including our own Tom Vallance would often take a sail up Loch Lomond from Balloch and stop off for lunch and a few drinks at a Hotel.

On the journey back down the Loch the boats engines would be stalled opposite Tarbet and speeches were made, on one occasion on Saturday 1st September 1928 after visiting the Rowerdennan Hotel 72 year old Tom Vallance had this to say.

‘’The decade that I spent playing with the Rangers were the best years of my life, I mentioned this to my wife the other day and she commented that I should still be playing.

84243011-e6f5-4324-9ac6-038ba138722cI wasn’t sure if that was sarcasm or not but with this in mind I went to the manager of Rangers and asked if he could find me a place in his team. There was laughter as Vallance admitted Bill Struth had asked him for a fortnight to consider his request and that several months on he was still waiting on his reply’’.

Incredibly this very event at Rowerdennan was captured on a home movie.

After extensive research Gordon, managed get his hands on a copy and this has since been shown via a link on our own and the Rangers Official Club websites. Yes moving images of Tom Vallance who was present at Fleshers Haugh.

The home movie is contained within this blog from our website.