A Thank You From The Founders Trail.



A Thank You From The Founders Trail.

As the curtain draws on another Tour season we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who joined us on the Founders Trail and Ibrox Stadium Tour during the last year.

2016 saw us take more people than ever before around Glasgow on our journey of discovery.

Over the last seven years we’ve taken almost 6,500 people around Glasgow on the Trail and through the front doors of Ibrox for the Stadium Tour, many for the first time.

Our Founders Presentation evenings continue to go from strength to strength , this is all possible because of the support we’ve received from yourselves.

Over the last two years the Restoration Project has seen us restore 21 plots of those men who built our Club.Our research work on the Restorations and Founders project will continue over the winter.

We’ve made new friends and met some wonderful characters all brought together by the Rangers family.

A special thanks goes to the the media team at Rangers for helping to promote the Tours and our continued work on the Restoration Project. Also the staff at Partick Bowling Club, Parks of Hamilton and the Tour Guides at Ibrox.

Last but not least, our resident gardeners at Craigton Cemetery who take great care of the McNeil ,Struth and many other plots.

On Saturday the 19th November the Board of Directors at the Club joined us on the Founders Trail and this will see further expansion of the Tours over the coming weeks and months.

The education process behind the Founders Trail is vitally important to us all as this will ensure that our unique and wonderful story is passed on to the next generation.

The Founders Trail will return in February with an expansion on the Founders Story and new locations.

Bookings for our first Tour dates for 2017 are coming in fast , they are as follows:

To reserve your seat just send an email to thegallantpioneers@gmail.com

Thank you.

The Founders Team.


The Restoration Team. Guests of the Club this Saturday


The Restoration Team. Guests of the Club this Saturday.

This Saturday at the match against Dundee the Rangers Graves Restoration Team will be special guests of the Club.

Taking their seats in the Directors Box will be:

David Calderwood and Grant McIndoe.

David and Grant are the guys who have placed new stones , repaired, cleaned and put back in place memorials that we’ve found lying on the grass of cemeteries around the country.

Ian McKay.

Ian follows on at the back of David and Grant and re-letters by hand, with great care and attention the inscriptions on stones that we’ve repaired and cleaned.

Jean and Leslie White.
Our resident gardeners…bluenoses with green fingers!

Jean and Leslie are a retired couple who travel across to Craigton Cemetery at least once a month and keep in pristine condition the plots that we’ve restored,in particular those of Peter McNeil, Mr Struth and James Wilson.

They take out weeds, cut the grass and plant new grass seed.

All do an incredible job, the majority of it in their own time, and ensure that all work carried out is done with the love, care and attention that these men who built our Club deserve.

I’d like to personally thank the Club for recognising their efforts.

Enjoy your day guys.

Our Board of Directors on the Trail of our Founders.




It will be a great honour for us at the Founders Project to take our board of Directors around Glasgow this Saturday 19th November on the Founders Trail.

The suggestion was put to them a few weeks ago that it was important that they fully understood the importance and responsibility that goes with carrying the torch that’s been passed down to them by our Founders.

They agreed and said they’d be delighted to join us, then pressed us to find a suitable date!

Joining us on Saturday will be :
Paul Murray
John Gilligan
Stewart Robertson
Andrew Dickson
Graham Park
John Bennet.

Our aim is to get our unique story out to every employee at the Club and every Rangers supporter around the world to ensure that it’s passed on to the next generation.

This is another huge step in achieving that goal..