An Appeal to Restore a Tom Vallance self portrait.


Our latest restoration project will take us temporarily away from cemeteries and into the world of art.

Recent research has solved the mystery of a painting the Club has had tucked away in storage for decades.

The story starts in the archives of a German sports magazine from the 1920s and will finish with the painting restored back to all its glory.

Researching for the Founders Trail takes us to many weird and wonderful places in search of our history so searching German archives would probably be filed under weird!!

The ‘Deutsche Sport-Zeitung’ was a sports magazine that operated in Hannover during the 20s & 30s. JournalistJorgJörgenssen arrived in Glasgow in 1921 to do a lengthy article on Ibrox and the history of the Club.  Although written in German google translate does more that a descent job in revealing the jist of the text.


Bill Struth who had become the Rangers manager the previous year gave the guided tour. Training techniques were noted and a brief history of the club given a few paragraphs. The ground and stand were praised as was the pavilion.


The writer went on to give a detailed description of the interior of the pavilion revealing many details that have never been known before. The one that stood out was the revelation that hanging on the stair case was a life-sized painting of Tom Vallance.


The translation came out as the following “Very remarkable is a large oil painting on the staircase, which represents a player in life size, and was Tom Vallance. One of the old guard, who represented the club in the days when the name, so powerful today, had a nimble and feeble sound. Vallance, who also played for the Thistles against England during the years 1877 to 1879 and 1881.”

Could this be the same painting that the club had stored away?

Jim Hannah was duly contacted and asked for help.  As usual Jim came up with goods and found the painting and sent us the picture confirming it was the same picture. Although the painting was signed by Tom Vallance it was never know who the subject was.


Through Jim we have been given permission by the club to start a restoration on this fantastic piece of history.

We will be looking for a professional restorer to do the work but if there is a member of the Rangers family out there that does this sort of thing we would like to hear from you!!

If you can help email us at